Public Toilets in Bergen

Galleriet Department Stores, outside
Norway Bergen Shopping - Galleriet Department Stores, outside

Finding a public toilet in Bergen is not easy. Especially if you need it in a hurry. Here we give you some clues where to find the public toilets in Bergen.

Free public toilets
The only free public toilet in Bergen is inside at the Zachariassbryggen by the Fish Market.

Restaurant toilets
The restaurants are open only for restaurants guests. Many of the toilets have a code lock where you get the code by asking the waiters.

Shopping mall toilets
Bystasjonen, Galleriet, Kloverhuset, Sundt and Telegrafen have toilets where you have to pay.

Attractions toilets
Most attractions have toilets available for guests.

Museum toilets
Most museums have toilets open for the museum visitors.

Norwegian name: Offentlige toaletter i Bergen.
Location: Center of Bergen.