Norwegian Language – Style of Writing


When we in Norway write addresses, it is common to write the name of the street first and then the number of the house, i.e. ‘Storgaten 12’. A complete address in Norway may look like this:
Mr. Jan Pettersen (addressee)
Storgaten 12 (name of street and house number)
5000 BERGEN (postal code and post office, always capital letters)

The dates usually shows the ‘number’ of the day in the month and then name of the month, i.e. 12. mars (no capital first letter in the name of the month). The period replaces the ‘th’, ‘nd’ and ‘rd’. Norwegian names of the months: Januar, februar, mars, april, mai, juni, juli, august, september, oktober, november and desember.

You and you, Mr. and Mrs.
Applies with titles is not common in Norway. Nor is writing You. It was common a decade ago. So if a Norwegian writes you in a apply to you, it is not disrespect, it is only common for Norwegians. We use Mr. (Norwegian: Herr), Ms. Or Mrs. (Norwegian: Fru). only in formal letters written in English.