Rosenkrantz Tower – Ongoing Restoration 2018-2020

Norway Bergen Attractions - Rosenkrantz Tower
Norway Bergen Attractions - Rosenkrantz Tower
Norway Bergen - Rosenkrantz Tower
Norway Bergen – Rosenkrantz Tower

Rosenkrantz Tower in the center of Bergen dates back to medieval times. The tower was erected by the governor of Bergen Castle (Bergenhus), Erik Rosenkrantz, and served as a combined residence and fortified tower to Bergen. Earlier structures existed -King Magnus Lagabote’s (Magnus the Lawmender) keep from about 1270 and Jorgen Hansson’s defences from about 1520. Both these were incorporated by Erik Rosenkrantz. The view of the sea front is amazing. You can take a tour of the castle there and learn some interesting stories about life in those days.

Guided tours of the Rosenkrantz Tower and the Haakon’s Hall every hour during summer, starting in the Hall.

Situated in the center of Bergen, walking distance from the Bergen Fish Market.

Insiders information Rosenkrantz Tower

Right now in July 2018, there is an restoration ongoing on the outside of the tower, so much of the tower is covered by scaffolding. This work will be going on for many years.

Norwegian name: Rosenkrantztårnet.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Distance to Fish Market: 600 meters.
Address: Bergenhus
Telephone: +47 55 31 43 80.

 You may also be interested in Haakon’s Hall located next to the Rosenkrantz Tower.