Bergen Vidden Hike from Mount Ulriken to Mount Floyen


Hiking at Vidden, from Mount Ulriken to Mount Floyen, is an approx. 5 hour hike plus water and snack breaks. Mount Ulriken and Mount Floyen are two of the seven mountains surounding Bergen. To get to Mount Ulriken you can walk, go by car or go by your own car. This time we went by the Ulriken cable car up to the top of Mount Ulriken.

The Vidden hiking path Ulriken to Floyen

From Mount Ulriken we followed the path over Vidden. Signs mark the path, but it is a great chance to get lost if you don’t pay attention. It is recommended to bring a map. If you feel that you are off the path, do not be afraid to ask other hikers for directions.

The road is the goal
We had a lot of breaks along the way and walked quite slowly as we find it important to enjoy the hike. The road is the goal.

Mount Floyen
At Mount Floyen you find a restaurant and a kiosk. The view from the the top of Mount Floyen is great. Tickets to the Bergen funicular may also be bought at the top of Mount Floyen if you don’t want to walk down.

Going to the center of Bergen
At Mount Floyen you have the options to either walk down to the center of Bergen or go by the Bergen funicular. I went down and used approx. 35 minutes to the center of Bergen.

Bergen Hiking Vidden Facts
Time: approx. 5 hours
Difficult level: Active hikers