Amalie Skram (1846-1903)

Amalie Skram (1846-1903)
Amalie Skram (1846-1903)

Amalie Skram is regarded as one of the leading Nordic naturalist writers of her time. She was born in Bergen, married twice, last with the Danish author Erik Skram, and moved to Denmark with him. Due to the economic difficulties of her family she early married a sea captain in order to be supported.

The demands from the society to accept the unlimited authority of the husband, together with other conflicts in her life, lead to a nervous breakdown and she was sent to mental hospital for two years. Her turbulent marriages are often reflected in her books, like “Constance Ring” and “Lucie“.

Her most famous work is “People of Hellemyr“. Pessimism, poverty and brutality are subjects in these novels. A nine hours long theatre performance based on this tetralogy was an enormous success in Bergen 1992.

Books by Amalie Skram

Madam Høiers leiefolk, novel
Karens jul, novel
Constance Ring, roman, 1885
Lucie, roman, 1888
Fru Inés, 1891
Forraadt, 1892
Agnete, 1893
Hellemyrsfolket, 1887-1898
Slektsroman i fire deler: Sjur Gabriel, 1887, To Venner, 1887, S. G. Myre, 1890, Afkom, 1898.
Barnefortellinger, 1890
Professor Hieronymus, 1895
Paa St. Jørgen, 1895
Julehelg, 1900
Mennesker, 1905.

On the photo you see the 2,20 meter high statue made by Maja Refsum (1897-1986). Located at Klosteret. First time presented in 1949.