Skoltegrunnskaien Cruise Ship Terminal Bergen

Norway Bergen - Skoltegrunnskaien Cruise Ship Teminal
Norway Bergen - Skoltegrunnskaien Cruise Ship Teminal

Skoltegrunnskaien (or Skolten) is one of two main cruise ship terminals in Bergen. Skolten is the most used cruise terminal in Bergen. Just next to Skolten you also find the Bontelabo cruise dock, many local people consider this as a part of Skolten.

At the above photo you see the cruise ship terminal at the right-hand side. The small cruise ship is located next to main Skoltegrunnskaien and the larger cruise ship is next to the Bontelabo dock. At the same photo you also see the Bryggen, in the inner harbor in the front at photo.

Getting from the cuise terminal to the center of Bergen, Mount Floyen, Bryggen and Fish Market
Skolten is located in the center of Bergen, in walking distance to most of the attractions in the center of Bergen. Bus and taxi services next to the cruise terminal.

Distances from Skoltegrunnskaien
700 meters to the famous Bryggen (hanseatic waterfront)
900 meters to the fish market in Bergen
1050 meters to the tourist information office in Bergen
1060 meters to the lower funicular station (Floybanen)
1300 meters to the blue stone (meeting point)

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Norwegian name: Skolten cruisehavn or Skoltegrunnkaien cruisehavn.
Location: Center of Bergen

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