Bergen Train Station and What to Expect Here

After the scenic train ride from Oslo to Bergen at the Bergen Line you arrive the Bergen Train Station approx. 7 hours after your departure from Oslo. Depending on which departure you choose, you arrive Bergen either in the morning around 7am, afternoon around 3pm or in the evening around 10:30pm. If you arrive in the evening it is a good idea to go directly to your hotel or other accommodation to be sure to get in and the right room. Be sure to notifiy your host if you have a late arrival.

Train station location in Bergen

The Bergen Train Station is located in the center of Bergen. If you have booked accommodation in the center of Bergen, most hotels and other accommodation are located within walking distance. However, if you have much luggage, a taxi may be a good idea to use. The taxis are located at your right hand side when you arrive the train station, it is an exit opening, not the main exit door.

Bergen Train Station to the bus station and the airport bus

The main bus station is located next to the train station. You find an indoor shortcut from the train station to the bus station. The airport bus stops by the bus station both from the airport and to the airport, note the opposite locations of the station building depending on your travel direction.

Bergen Train Station to the Costal Express terminal (Hurtigruten)

Approx. 15 minute walk, quite flat. Get a free map at the train station before you start walking.

Hotels near the Bergen Train Station

The closest hotel to the train station in Bergen is Grand Hotel Terminus

Norway Bergen Travel - Bergen Train Station
Norway Bergen Travel – Bergen Train Station