Photo information and usage terms


Licensing, Availability, and Copyright
All photos and images (the “photos”) displayed on this web site are Copyright Bergen Promotion (“BP”)/Bergen Guide and may not be copied or published, electronically or otherwise, without the express, written permission of the photographer or Bergen Promotion.

If you wish to publish one or more of our photos on a web site, in a magazine, brochure, trade journal, or in any other format, contact us for rate information. We will need to know the proposed media, press run (if applicable), and length of time desired (for a web site).

In general:
NOK 780 / € 98 – Internet and digital presentations, e.g. PowerPoint etc.
NOK 1160 / € 145 – Brochures, annual reports, customer newspapers and similar.
NOK 3000 / € 375 – Ads.

The rates are for one time use. International users must pay prior use and only payments via is accepted. Norwegian users may also be billed via “Faktura”. VAT/mva will be added on Norwegian orders.

Please note: You may obtain express permission, in the form of a license, to use the photos on this website. The photos are not sold, they are licensed as described in the written documents that accompany the photo. No licenses may be sublicensed, transferred or assigned.

The use of photos in contravention of the conditions will result in you being invoiced for their use at the individual photographers’ current rates. The price will depend on the use and the size of edition. In addition a penalty charge of NOK 15000,- / € 1875 per photo applies.

If you are interested in acquiring a specific image on this site or if you’d like to inquire about other image that we might have on file, send an email to our webmaster.