Voringsfossen Waterfall – 182 Meter Free Fall!

Voringsfossen Hike
Voringsfossen Hike

Voringsfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. It is more than four times as high as the beautiful falls of Terni, and eight times that of the Handeck, 182 meter free fall.

Most tourists see Voringsfossen from the top, while the most interested of us go to the foot of the waterfall. Please note that here it is both steep and slippery, but very nice hike. Incredible to see the power of the waterfall and feel the wind when you’re standing next to it. Amazing.

The Voringsfossen can be visited from Bergen by daytrip but most comfortable as a 2 day trip.

Insiders tip: to get the most out of this waterfall trip you may stay over night at the Fossli Hotel, just next to the Voringsfossen waterfall. The hotel has a quite basic but traditional standard, very nice nature surroundings as the hotel is located on a cliff just above the waterfall.

Norwegian name: Vøringsfossen.
Location: Eidfjord Municipal, north east of Bergen.