Norway Bergen - Summer at Bryggen
Norway Bergen – Summer at Bryggen

In the late Middle ages the Hanseatic League established the German Office at Bryggen (the waterfront) in Bergen, which became a thriving center of international trade. The characteristic parallel rows of buildings, with their seaward-facing gables represent a building tradition dating back almost 900 years. The old wooden buildings along the harbor front in Bergen were placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1979.

Bryggen is situated next to the world famous Fish Market in Bergen, and it is very easy to find in the center of Bergen.

If you are coming to Bergen, you have to learn at least two Norwegian words. These words are Bryggen and Vaagen. That is the name of the world famous waterfront in Bergen. If you ask someone for the waterfront, you’ll probably get a diffuse answer. If you ask for Bryggen, you’ll get a smile and the direction 🙂 Vaagen is the local name for the harbor (port).

Getting to Bryggen in Bergen
Finding it should be quite easy. If you visit Bergen by cruise ship it is within walking distance from Skoltegrunnskaien cruise ship terminal, and a bit longer walk from Dokken Cruise Ship terminal. If you are fit, it is both easy walks.

If you arrive by tourist bus, I guess the driver stops the bus just next to Bryggen. If you have your own car you may park in an indoor car park next to it, called Rosenkrantzgaten Parking House. If you arrive by boat you are probably next to it. If you are in the center of Bergen you are most likely within walking distance 🙂

Norwegian-English translation;
Brygge => wharf, quay

Prices 2018
Free admission.

Open 2018
Open air attraction.

Norwegian name: Bryggen i Bergen.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Distance to Fish Market: 60 meters.


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Museums in the Bryggen area
In the area you also find Bryggen Museum, the Theta Museum, the Hanseatic Assembly rooms, the Hanseatic Museum. All within a radius of 200 meters.

Restaurants in the Bryggen area
Inside here you will find Bryggen Tracteursted, Restaurant Two Chefs (To Kokker) and Restaurant Enhjorningen.

Cáfe in the Bryggen area
Café Bastant, formerly known as Sakristiet, is located inside the area, you will find it if you walk the most used path when visiting the wooden buildings. Here you buy coffee and tea, and you also find a selection of cakes and some snacks. You may sit outside the café when the weather is good.

Bars in the Bryggen area
You will find several bars along Bryggen, bouth outside and inside. There are also a night club called Engelen (the angel) located here.


Norway Bergen - Bryggen in Bergen by night
Norway Bergen – Bryggen in Bergen by night


Hotels near Bryggen in Bergen?

Bryggen in Bergen is located in the very center of Bergen, most of the hotels in the center of Bergen is within walking distance.

We suggest following hotels:

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