Mount Sandviken in Bergen

Mount Sandviken, view from the top
Norway Bergen Views - Mount Sandviken, view from the top

Mount Sandviken is one of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 392 meter above sea level. Great hiking paths to the top, popular since the turn of the 1900 century. At the top you’ll see a construction showing the wind direction, raised in 1879 by men from Sandviken. The first one raised already in 1835, but the wind broke it in the 1870’s.

See also Stoltzekleiven, a path with 612 steps from Fjellveien to the top of Sandviken Mountain, named by Gerhard Stoltz (1833-1907). Mostly stone steps. 313 meter elevation.

Norwegian name: Sandviksfjellet.
Location: Sandviken, close to the center of Bergen.