Fresco Hall (Matborsen)


The old Bergen Exchange, containing the Fresco Hall, was built in 1862 and extended in 1893. The murals on the walls in the Fresco Hall were painted by Axel Revold (1887-1962), and have long been recognized as a national treasure. They were painted during the years of 1921-23 and are divided into three themes:

The North Country wall with three panels representing fishing near Lofoten in North-Norway, how the fish is prepared and dried on the frames and the southward trip to Bergen where the finished products were to be sold.

The Bergen Wall includes four panels, showing the heavily loaded vessels arriving at the Bergen harbor, how the fish was shipped by larger vessels to the world market, trade with cereals from foreign ports, and shipyards constructing large, modem ships.

The third wall has three panels and is called The World Wall, showing man’s importance in the busy machine age, the cultivation and processing of the products of nature, and natureĀ“s abundance under exotic skies.

Today you find Matborsen (translated into Food Exchange) in these premises, a food court.

Norwegian name: Matborsen.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Address: Vaagsalmenningen

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