Bergen Airport Bus stops in the Center of Bergen

We have the following airport bus stops in the center of Bergen;

  • Bus station (next to Bergen train station)
  • Festplassen
  • Fish Market/Lido
  • Bryggen

The airport bus turning point and also the starting point in the center of Bergen is at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at Bryggen.

Read more about the bergen airport bus in general (including price information).

Where to get on and off the Bergen airport bus
The center of Bergen is quite compact so if you miss a bus stop it is not too far to walk (back). But here we’ll tell you more about the bus stops so you can get it right the first time.

Norway Bergen Travel - Bergen Airport Bus next to Lido in the Center of Bergen
Norway Bergen Travel – Bergen Airport Bus next to Lido in the Center of Bergen

City center Bergen Airport bus stops explained

Bergen Airport Bus TO the Center of Bergen

First stop in the center of Bergen: Bus station: this is also refered to as Bystasjonen and Bergen Storsenter, it is the same place. You can go off here you are going to: the bus station (of course), the train station, Steens Hotel or Grand Hotel Terminus.

Second stop: Festplassen: an open recreation park area. You can go off here you are going to: Costal Express (Hurtigruten), Scandic Byparken Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Thon Hotel Bristol.

Third stop: Fish Market: this bus stop is also referred to as the tourist information stop. However, this tourist information office is moved to the fish market. The tourist information office is located at the other side of the road (left hand side in the driving direction) of the bus stop. You can go off here you are going to Scandic Hotel Strand, Comfort Hotel Holberg, Fish Market or Floybanen Funicular.

Fourth stop and last stop in the center of Bergen: Bryggen: The famous world heritage UNESCO listed wooden trade buildings in Bergen. You can go off here you are going to: Havnekontoret Hotel, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Bryggen, Thon Hotel Bergen Bryggen or Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz.

Bergen Airport Bus TO Bergen Airport

Starting point in the center of Bergen: Bryggen and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Bryggen.
Going from Bryggen to…

First stop: Lido corner: Stopping on sign from new passengers by the Lido corner, close to the Fish Market. From the Lido corner driving to…

Second stop: Radisson Blu Hotel Norge. Driving from this hotel to…

Third stop: Bus Station. The bus stop here is at the back side of the building, between the bus station and the train station, but at the bus station. It may not be so easy to find if you’re new in Bergen. Ask a local for directions if you’re in doubt.

Last stop in the center of Bergen is the Bergen Bus Station
The bus station is the point where the airport bus either are coming or going to or from the Bergen Airport.

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Norway Bergen - Airport Bus in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Airport Bus in Bergen

Bergen Airport Hotels

Norway Bergen Hotels - Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport – Next to Bergen Airport Flesland

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport is a contemporary five-storey hotel located next to the Bergen airport terminal.
Norway Bergen Hotels - Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel

Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel – Next to Bergen Airport

In the spring of 2017, Scandic opened its new convention hotel Scandic Flesland Airport at Flesland in Bergen.
Norway Bergen Hotels - Hordaheimen Hotell, outside

Best Western Plus Hotel Hordaheimen – Traditional Norwegian Hotel

Hordaheimen is a hotel with a long history, we have taken care of the best within the Norwegian traditions and combined them with modern comfort. 115 beds.
Norway Bergen - Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret - at famous Bryggen heritage site

Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret – At Famous Bryggen Heritage Site

The top luxury hotel in Bergen, opened in 2006. The suites are the finest available in Bergen. Located at the famous Bryggen. Center of Bergen.