Weather Bergen

It’s often difficult to predict the weather in Bergen and set up a good weather forecast, since we have both ocean/sea and mountains that can make the weather change on shorter notice.

We do have four seasons of Bergen: fall, winter, spring and summer. We who live in Bergen, think the spring and summer are very nice. Autumn can be a little long with rainy days. The last winter in Bergen was very nice, with lots of snow that lasted long time.

It is rarely very cold in Bergen since we have the Gulf Stream from the sea, but it may be a little chilly in the winter.

The best advice we can give is to bring clothes so you can use layered clothing.

Average temperatures in Bergen

January: -3.4°C
February: -1.5°C
March: 3.4°C
April: 6.7°C
May: 10°C
June: 13.9°C
July: 16.8°C
August: 15.7°C
September: 12.3°C
October: 7°C
November: 7.1°C

Norway Bergen - Fog over Byfjorden Sea next to Bergen
Norway Bergen – Fog over Byfjorden Sea next to Bergen