Top #3 Questions about Cruise to Bergen in Norway

Norway Bergen - Cruise ship Club Med 2 in Bergen
Norway Bergen - Cruise ship Club Med 2 in Bergen

Cruise Destination Bergen. Bergen Port is located in the center of Bergen. We have two main areas for cruise boats, Skoltegrunnskaien and Dokkeskjaeret.

Walking distance
Both terminals are within walking distance to the world famous attractions like Bergen Fish Market and Bryggen Bergen.

Skoltegrunnskaien is located 670 meters from the Bergen Fish Market and Dokkeskjaeret is located 1450 meters from the fish market in Bergen.

Nick names
Skoltegrunnskaien is also known as Skolten.
Dokkeskjaeret is also known as Dokken.

Your cruise ship will most likely dock at Skolten cruise terminal. Dokken cruise terminal handles the largest cruise ships like Queen Mary 2.

Distances Skolten
Skolten to Bryggen: 520 meters
Skolten to Fish Market Bergen: 920 meters
Skolten to Floybanen funicular lower station: 1100 meters

Distances Dokken
Dokken to Bryggen: 1500 meters
Dokken to Fish Market Bergen: 1100 meters
Dokken to Floybanen funicular lower station: 1500 meters

Welcome to Cruise Destination Bergen!

Norwegian name: Cruise destinasjon Bergen, Norge.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Distance to Fish Market: 670 meters.
Address: Skoltegrunnskaien and Dokkeskjaeret