Bergen Light Rail – Bergen Airport to Bergen City.

Bergen Light Rail offers transport between the center of Bergen via Nesttun and Lagunen shopping center, further to Bergen Airport, and return. The light rail line is also referred to as Bybanen in Norwegian language.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Public transportation is good for both the city environment and an easy way to save some money. And the best of it all, you will not be stuck in traffic jams when using this light rail.

And we give you a bonus tip in this article telling you how you may save even more money.

At the top photo you can see one of the train cars outside the Telegrafen and the recreational park named Byparken, this is the starting point and end stop for Bybanen in the center of Bergen.

In this article you can learn about:

  • The Bergen Airport Light Rail Station – How to find the station
  • Bergen Light Rail Prices 2019 – How much for the tickets
  • Using the Bergen Light Rail to get to famous Troldhaugen Museum
  • Bergen Light Rail to Fantoft Stave Church
  • See the Bergen Light Rail Route in 2019
  • About the Bergen Airport Express Train – Frequently asked question
  • Hotels Near the Light Rail in Bergen – For easy access to and from the hotel

The Bergen Airport Light Rail Station

The light rail station at Bergen airport is located very next to the airport terminal, very easy to find. All under the same roof. When you exit the airport main door, you will see the light rail station downstairs at you left hand side. You can buy tickets station platform, before entering the light rail.

Light Rail Ticket Prices in 2020

One-way ticket bought at station: NOK 38,-
Other discount pass and tickets also available.
Price updated at Bergen Guide last time at January 3rd 2020.

At the moment the light rail line is all within one bergen light rail zone, so the price is the same for all the line.

Tickets must be bought at stations along the line, tickets not for sale on board at Bergen Light Rail. Please note that not all stations has a machine where you can buy a ticket, so it is a good idea to also buy a return ticket. There is also a light rail app for smart phones where you can buy tickets and also check the light rail timetables as we cannot go into details on the schedule here. Too much for us to update. The name of the app is “Skyss Billett”, but we are not sure if this is available in other languages than Norwegian.

Be Sure to Buy a Ticket for the Bergen Light Rail

Remember to validate your ticket on board the Bergen light rail in addition to buying the ticket at a terminal/kiosk. The ticket control personnel shows no mercy, being on board without a valid ticket will cost you around 700 kroner (approx. 80 euro or 90 usd) in fine in case of ticket control. Now you know 🙂

Going by the Bergen Light Rail to Troldhaugen?

If you are going to the Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum you may use the the light rail line for easy travel. However, we must tell you that from the nearest Bybanen station to Troldhaugen Museum there is quite a walking distance. Bring a map, highly recommended. Troldhaugen Museum is an approximately 15 minute walk from the nearest Bybanen station named Hop station.

Going by the Bergen Light Rail to Fantoft Stave Church?

If you are going to the Fantoft Stave Church you may use the this light rail line for easy travel. Fantoft Stave Church is located approximately 10 minute walk from the nearest Bybanen stop. You can get off at either Fantoft or Paradis station stops. We recommend that you bring a map and ask for directions.

The Bergen Light Rail Route 2020

This is the Bergen light rail stops, they are announced by a pleasant female voice and there are also several displays showing the next stop along the route.

  • Bergen City, starting and ending next to Byparken recreational park.
  • Bergen Airport, starting and ending next to the new bergen airport terminal.

And the best part? You will get the feeling of being more like a local 🙂

Norge Bergen Travel – Bergen Light Rail Route, Bergen Airport to Bergen City

What about the Bergen Airport Train and Bergen Tramway?

The light rail is the only line between the airport and Bergen city. We do not have an express train to and from the airport. At the moment, there is not even plans for an express train between the airport. Belive it or not. Good alternatives to the light rail are the airport bus, or rental car if you are not going to the center of Bergen.

We do not have trams in Bergen. We did in the earlier days. Today we are about the get a museum tram, maybe in year 2019 or 2020, we are not sure. However this tram will only operate between the center of Bergen and the Bergen Technical Museum at Mollenpris, just outside the very center of Bergen.

Hotels Near the Light Rail in Bergen

There is no hotel very next to the line, but pretty close. At the airport the closest hotel is the Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport, see also bergen hotels near airport. In the city, the closest hotel to the light rail is the Hotel Bristol Bergen. If you would like to upgrade to a higher class hotel then we recommend the Hotel Norge by Scandic Hotels, just a few minutes walk from the end station in Bergen city.

And a Bonus Tip for You

You should look into the benefits of the Bergen Card and see if you can save even more money. This card can be bought at most hotels and at the tourist information office, maybe also at the airport.

Bybanen - Bergen Light Rail outside Telegrafen
Bybanen – Bergen Light Rail outside Telegrafen