Parking in Bergen


Do you want to find information on parking in Bergen? Here you get some very useful tip.

Please do not park like the Italians at the photo. Not even if you are very hungry for a burger.

Parking houses in Bergen
We have several parking houses in the center of Bergen, all parking here for fee. This is the best for parking in Bergen now. The largest is Bystasjonen Car Parking, located in the south end of the very center of Bergen. The closest to famous Bryggen in Bergen is Rosekrantz Car Park, the street address is Rosenkratzgaten.

Street car parking in Bergen
Not easy. Close to impossible for caravans.

Long time parking for caravans in Bergen
This does not include long term camping, caravan parking only: The best place at the moment is at Bergen Airport.

Why is car parking is Bergen so difficult?
The short answer to this is: Politicians do not want cars at all in the center of Bergen and they therefore make it both difficult and expensive.

Norwegian Road Traffic Act §17

§17 1) It is prohibited to stop
a) on bends where the visibility is inadequate, in tunnels, at the crest of a hill, or at any other place where visibility is reduced,
b) in intersections or less than 5 meters from an intersection. This distance is to be measured from the point at which the edge of the pavement, the edge marking or the edge of the road begins to curve,
c) partly or wholly in pedestrian lanes, on pavements, foot paths, cycle paths
or cycle lanes,
d) on pedestrian or cycle crossings or less than 5 meters from such areas,
e) on motorways or on acceleration or decelerations lanes to or from motorways,
f) less than 5 meters from a level railway crossing,
g) in bus, tram, and taxi lanes, except for buses or trams at stops,
h) at the widening of a road for bus, taxi or tram stop, or at a distance of less than 20 meters from a sign indicating such a stop. Excepted are stops to pick up or discharge passengers, when this does not inconvenience buses, taxis or trams.

§17 2) It is prohibited to park
a) in front of vehicle entrances or exits,
b) at passing point, or any part of a road where the carriageway is windened,
c) on pedestrian streets
d) in pedestrian precincts other than in specially marked places

§17 3)
Parking in the carriageway is prohibited on priority roads with a speed limit
greater than 50 kph.

Norwegian name: Parkering i Bergen / Bergen Parkeringsselskap.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Address: Vincens Lunges gate 3, Bergen
Telephone: +47 55 56 88 50.

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