Mount Floyen Hike Up via Skansemyren

This hike to the top of Mount Floyen starts in the city center, close to the Fish Market and the world famous Bryggen. The tour is suitable for most people with average health or better. Most of the road has asphalt. Top of Mount Floyen is 320 meters above sea level (1050 ft), so the hike elevation will be around 300 meters and quite steep. Expect to use 45 minutes just walking, plus stops.

So, what is so nice about the Floyen hike?

You will pass many nice lookouts and several different neighborhoods. We can mention Skansen, Fjellveien and Skansemyren. And of course the view from the top of the mountain.

At Skansen you’ll see the Skansen Pension and the Skansen Fire Station (closed museum, but nice to look at). At Fjellveien you can rest for a few minutes and maybe buy some refreshments at the kiosk if it is open, a few benches available outside for relaxing. The funicular cars are passing here. Nice point for photographing.

Skansemyren is a sporting arena. Nice place for sand volleyball, the three courses with sand are very popular during the spring and summer. There is also a 400 meter track here and a grass field.

Further up you’ll pass an old former ski jump, you have to look for to see it or you miss it as it is partly removed. The former landing area is now replaced with a grandstand for the Skansemyren tracks. This ski jump is dating back to 1950.

Even further up you’ll have a nice view up to the Mount Ulriken in the south direction. Mount Ulriken is the highest mountain around Bergen.

Just before the top you have the opportunity to go right. If you follow this path 100 meters or so you’ll have a nice view of the southern part of Bergen city center and the suburbs of Minde, Landaas and Fana. There are also a couple of benches here where you can relax and maybe have your picnic lunch.

From here you can go back to the road and continue the hike to the Mount Floyen view point. You can also follow the path further and go down to Isdalen and go at Fjellveien back to the Fjellveien kiosk, that is a nice roundtrip.

When you come to the Mount Floyen view point you’ll meet the other tourists that traveled with the Floyen funicular.

Now what?
Now you can go hiking further up to other mountains like Mount Sandviken, Brushytten (a mountain cabin kiosk), Mount Blaamanen and Rundemanen or all the way to Mount Ulriken. Or eat at the Floyen Folk Restaurant?

See the Brushytten Hike (easy) if you want to go to Brushytten, Mount Blaamanen and Rundemanen or all the way to Mount Ulriken.

Get me down from Mount Floyen

You can either go by the funicular back down or you can walk down. If you want to walk down you have several paths to choose between, more or less same distance and time. Like via Sandvikspilen and via Tippetue. Expect to use 45 minutes just walking, plus stops.
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Norway Bergen Attractions - Floyen view point
Norway Bergen Attractions – Floyen view point

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