World’s Largest Gingerbread City 2019 Closed. Welcome Back in 2020

Norway Bergen Events- Bergen Gingerbread City
Norway Bergen Events- Bergen Gingerbread City

Bergen has the world’s largest and finest gingerbread town. Kindergartens, schools, businesses and thousands of individuals have contributed every year since Christmas in 1991.

You can visit the Bergen Gingerbread City in the center of Bergen, in a former public swimming pool arena called Sentralbadet. Easy to find, in the very center of Bergen.

Bergen Gingerbread City Prices 2019

Entrance fee NOK 100, free entrance for children under 12 years of age.

Bergen Gingerbread City Opening Hours 2019

November 16th to December 31st 2019.

Visit the world famous gingerbread city in Bergen between the opening date and the New Year’s Eve.

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Text by the Bergen Guide team.

Norwegian name: Pepperkakebyen Bergen.
Location: Sentralbadet, Center of Bergen

Quiz: what location builds an entire city of gingerbread houses each year before christmas?
Answer: Bergen, Norway.

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