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Norway Bergen - Vikinghytten Mountain Lodge

Bergen Hiking from the Center of Bergen 2020 – Top 9 Bergen Hikes With...

Learn about the Bergen Hiking options with easy access from Bergen City.
Hiking in Bergen

Bergen Hiking Club / Bergen Turlag

Bergen Hiking Club is an organizer of shorter and longer hikes in the Bergen area.
Norway Bergen - Great hiking in Bergen

Bergen – Norway’s Hiking Capital?

Bergen has much to hikers at all levels. Go hiking by yourself, with friends, with organized hikes or larger hiking events. It is all up to you.

Hiking at Mount Ulriken in Bergen

Hard walk easy accessible from the center of Bergen
Norway Bergen - Winter Hike at Mt. Floyen in Bergen

Hiking at Mount Floyen and Winter view of Bergen

Todays photo is taken at Mount Floyen next overlooking the center of Bergen.
Norway Bergen - 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen

September 13th 2020: Four and Seven Mountains Hike Bergen

Very popular annual organized hike at the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. Read more here
Norway Bergen - Mount Ulriken cable car

Mount Ulriken – Highest Mountain in Bergen

Come and see the unique view from the top of Mount Ulriken! The Ulriken Mountain Restaurant is open when the cable-car is running. Dinner, beer and wine. During summer the outdoor restaurant serves grill food.
Norway Bergen Attractions - Floyen view point

Mount Floyen Hike Up or Down – Moderate Hike

The Mount Floyen Hike to the top of Floyen starts in the city center, close to the Fish Market and the famous Bryggen. The tour is suitable for most people with average health or better.
Norway Bergen Hiking - Fjellveien close to the center of Bergen

Free Things to Do in Bergen 2020

See the list of Free Things to Do in Bergen right here. To make it easier for you, we have put together a few suggestions for day programs in Bergen.
Polar M400 Activity Tracker

Activity Holidays: Races in Bergen 2019 – From Beginners to the Very Fittest Runners

Races in Bergen: Would you like to participate in a race in Bergen? Here you can choose from several races and types of races in Bergen ...
Norway Bergen – Ulriken Cable Car (Ulriksbanen)

Ulriken Cable Car (Ulriksbanen)

Ulriken Cable Car takes you to the top of Mount Ulriken, one of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. And also the...
Norway Bergen - Midnight Hiking at Vidden in Bergen

Midnight Sun in Norway – Bring Your Sleeping Mask

If you need darkness to sleep, then you need to bring your sleeping mask to bed in Norway because it does not get completely dark during the summer months in Norway
Norway Bergen - Vikinghytten Mountain Lodge

Vikinghytten Mountain Lodge

Nice cabin open for public in the summer season.
Norway Bergen - Idyllic winter mood at world famous Bryggen

How Christmas is Celebrated in Norway – Norway Christmas Traditions

Learn about how norway celebrate christmas, the norway christmas traditions, norway christmas markets and the norway christmas food
Norway Bergen Hiking - Fjellveien close to the center of Bergen

Bergen Fjellveien Hike – The Easy Bergen Hike

Your Fjellveien Hike starts by going with the funicular to Fjellveien funicular 2nd stop. Nice return hikes both north and south

Bergen Vidden Hike from Mount Ulriken to Mount Floyen

From Mount Ulriken we followed the path over Vidden to Mount Floyen
Norway Bergen - Lysoen Island and Ole Bull Villa

Day Trips from Bergen

Here are some nice suggestions for 1 day trips from Bergen
Norway Bergen Museums - Old Bergen Museum


Bergen Guide is the #1 information source for travelers to Bergen Norway. We give you all the information you need, including insiders information to Bergen. We are the informal tourist information website for Bergen. Stay with us :)
Voringsfossen Hike

Voringsfossen Waterfall – 182 Meter Free Fall!

Great hiking and amazing view. Voringsfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. Powered by nature.
Norway Travel - Bergen Railway

Bergen Railway – Oslo to Bergen

The Bergen Railway is also known as the "Bergen Line" and in Norwegian language "Bergensbanen". In this article series we refer only to it...
Norway Bergen - Winter weather at Brushytten mountain lodge

Brushytten Hike – Moderate Hike in Bergen

Brushytten is a mountain cabin kiosk by the foot of Mount Blaamanen and Mount Rundemanen, a nice, short and easy hike from the top of Mount Floyen.
Mount Sandviken, view from the top

Mount Sandviken in Bergen

Great hiking paths to the top, popular since the turn of the 1900 century
Norway Bergen - Hiking at Mount Rundemanen

Rundemanen Mountain in Bergen

Popular hiking paths since the 1920's 565 meter above sea level. One of the classic mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. Has been one of...
Norway Bergen - Lovstakken Mountain

Lovstakken Mountain in Bergen

Mount Lovstakken - One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 477 meter above sea level. Located west of the center of...
Norway Bergen - Hike to Mount Blaamanen in Bergen

Mount Blaamanen Hike – Moderate Hike in Bergen

This is the hike from Brushytten to Mount Rundemanen. Please note that this is much of the same path as up to Mount Rundemanen
Nautic Sailing

Sailing in the Norwegian Fjords – Nautic Sailing Norway

Nautic Sailing offer sailing yachts in Bergen and complete sailing tours for even the most demanding companies. Nautic Sailing offer an exclusive and luxury sailing...

Damsgaard Mountain in Bergen

One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 284 meter high, located west of the center of Bergen. Hiking paths to the...
Norway Bergen - 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen

Photos from the 4 and 7-Mountain Hike 2016

Here you can see photos from the 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen.

3D Map: Hike to Brushytten Mountain Lodge (Mount Floyen)

Nice hike starting in the very center of Bergen. Great views. This return hike is approx. 9 kilometers long.
Norway Bergen - View from hike at Mount Blaamanen

Great Hike to Mount Blaamanen – Time for Coffee

Amazing view from hike at Mount Blaamanen in Bergen

Norwegian identity

What does being Norwegian mean?
Norway Bergen - Hiking to Brushytten mountain kiosk

Hike Suggestion: Center of Bergen to Brushytten

Nice hike from the center of Bergen via Mount Floyen panorama view point to Brushytten (mountain kiosk) and return. Hike Start: Bergen Fish Market in...

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